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a Quill and a Thought

It is what it takes to start

The Quill has been a tool to

visualize the breeze of Thoughts that comes to

a mind of creativity, but that is only the commencing of

imagining the nonexistent ……

Architecture is the art of balancing the beauty of the environment and the sciences of Sociology and Psychology assisted by Technology

This is a point that can be reached not only by being blessed with artistic talent but also through deep studies into

the socio-political and psychological aspects and effects of a creature or a project

on both micro and macro-urban scales and

the ability to distinguish and address those needs.

At HArchitetto, the mission is to

recognize your needs in order to

reach the maximum quality design that

provides your daily space functionality 

and nightly comfort

At HArchitetto, you will be involved in the design process where we will

achieve the meeting point of your budget and needs.

European Life Style project with


thoughtful and welcoming design to an environment where you feel

The Ambiance you want To live

and not only to live in…  

Homayoun Bahadorany M.Arch. & Designer (Italy)

Homayoun Architetto


LA BALCONATA, Milan, Italy



Piazza Diaz di Milano is at the center of Milan, in Italy, where the cathedral of the city is located, Duomo di Milano,  Where is also the main commercial center of a poly-centric city of 3.5 million inhabitants.
This area is composed of Porticos which eases and encourages shopping and recreational activities. This is also helped by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is on the west side of Piazza del Duomo. (More images coming soon)
While there is all this crowd in this area, exactly on the opposite side of Piazza, Where The Piazza Diaz is located, there is a very low level of commerce going on.
This project called “ La Balconata”, (The Balcony) was a proposal to improve the situation of commerce on this side of the square.
My proposal consisted of creating a covered winter garden on two levels, Ground-floor, and upper floor, Donut shaped, and supported by columns with a view of the lower floor.



The balcony is divided into two parts. The inner part is covered by a huge Plexiglas dome.
The Dome itself is composed of two parts, design-wise, Vertical and Spherical, the vertical part could be lifted up mechanically to connect the inner part and outer part of the Balcony during the hot seasons.
A gap of 10 feet wide is considered between the Balcony and the existing buildings, to provide security as well as daylight for the existing stores under the Portico.
A performance balcony is considered within the main balcony and the access to the balcony is through a pair of scenic stairs.
This project provides a covered area but ventilated during the summer for any concession and recreational activities including street artist attractions, and during the rainy days and winter the Dome provides a shelter and the winter garden is a pleasant urban view as a public attraction.
All this complex will increase the pedestrian traffic which will cause more exposure to the local businesses, at that point the scope of the project which is the economic impact on Piazza Diaz Milano will be achieved.

I am interested to participate in Institutional and Public Projects as Joint Venture. Please Contact Me…



The best knowledge is knowing that there is always something to learn.
Following years of experience in Italy, Homayoun met the Wood as a new material to construct with, it looked a lot strange to substitute the masonry that he was familiar with, by wood, but it was convenient as required a lower budget. Therefore he noticed the opportunity to learn the new method.

Later he discovered the advantages of wood construction when applied to his European experience of architecture, all that was strange to him in the beginning, became simple and familiar as it appeared to be only a different technology at the service of Architecture, It was only a different tool and “Know-how” to express himself and reflect the need of the client.







During his collaboration with some of the local architectural firms he worked with CornerStone Architecture for a short period while working with Architects like Stuart Howard at Stuart Howard Architects and Bernard Perreten Architect was a great local experience for him.
He participated in the design of some projects in Vancouver’s lower mainland before he decided to share his European and especially the Italian experience with his clients more closely and directly.

Sherwood Senior Care Center, Abbotsford, BC
Crofton House School, Vancouver, BC
Surrey Fire Hall #10, Surrey, BC
Newton Seniors Recreation Centre, Surrey, B.C

I am interested to participate in Institutional and Public Projects as Joint Venture. Please Contact Me…


Coach House

Being graduated and having worked in Europe for many years, I am specialized in working in restricted areas. I have gained a great experience and background on various issues in regards to areas limited to the existing old or even ancient walls which could not be removed or modified. All of that experience helps me to work within the limits of the existing bylaws which may not be removed or modified.


This page is being developed

Will include

Information About Types Of Coach House

City And Municipality Restrictions And Bylaws


Solutions to Those Restrictions

Please check back to visit OR feel free to Contact Me with your questions