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My Home Didn’t Sell! Now What?

Hugo Bahadorany

Hugo Bahadorany

Hugo (Homayoun) Bahadorany, Architect / Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Agent in Vancouver, graduated in Architecture in Italy where he practiced for 11 years before moving to Vancouver.
After a 2-year interruption and studying local architecture, He continued to work as an architect in Vancouver.
Having the attitude of an entrepreneur, he was always involved in commerce and sales since he was a young student in the faculty.
When he decided to sell one of his own properties. He noticed the flaws of those agents working with their clients and decided to intervene. (Sounds familiar, then Call Me Now)

Later, when he observed that those agents copied his way of showing and selling his property, That was a turning point for him: He decided to become a Real Estate Agent with a unique background: Architecture; He could offer a value to the public: Selling and buying through immediate custom virtual modifications, That would be where his experience in sales, negotiations, and business would meet his passion for architecture, aesthetics, functionality, safety, and legality. (Interesting combination..eahh…?!! then Call Me Now)

Subdivision planning, Transforming residential properties to Income-Properties and Remodeling homes according to the needs of a buyer are a couple of examples that only he can do for his clients.

His niche market is composed of the demanding buyers who have a hard time finding the home they like and fits their needs, OR the sellers of heavily custom-built homes who have a hard time selling to Hard-To-Please buyers (Are you one of them, then Call Me Now)
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